We're not just "a pretty face".

Surface design is becoming an ever more important part of interior remodels. Our team for painting and surfacing has been trained in a wide variety of different specialty areas and ready to get to work for you at any time.

We trowel, prime or just design for you any surface using a huge range of different coating systems. Marmorino, interior stucco and latex coatings and any sort of paint layering are possible.

And none of our surfaces are just pretty faces!


Surface Technology

Coating systems for internal and external areas
Marmorino, interior stucco, acoustic plaster, latex coatings and all types of paint layering
Liquid metal coatings
Wide variety of coating types, such as filling, painting, spray-coating, wiping or gilding
Lettering, orientation + signage systems
Technical + handcraft competence on top level
Carried out by specialised and trained staff
Apprenticing company for painters + varnishers

B+D Surface Technology

Material + technology-focused

Surface Technology Projects

Garden Tower Lobby
Complete Interior Fit-Out
ecos office
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Nextower // Schüco
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Fifty Avon Foyer
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Internationally acting law firm
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Calvin Klein Lifestyle
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Wackerstrasse / Marktlerstrasse
Complete Interior Fit-Out
Telefonica Goldfinger
Complete Interior Fit-Out
District Office Erlangen-Höchstadt
Dry Lining
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