Auszeichnung für baierl + demmelhuber - "Beste Arbeitgeber Deutschlands"

Rewarded! baierl + demmelhuber is one of „Germany's best professional trainers“

baierl + demmelhuber has been awarded as ‘Germany’s best professional trainers' by the business magazine ‘Capital’ in November 2018.

In collaboration with the talent platform and the HR marketing experts of Territory Embrace, the renowned trade magazine examined how German companies train their apprentices. In the process, the magazine chose Germany’s best instructors. baierl + demmelhuber was awarded the top result of five stars, the highest number possible.

The aim of the study was to identify the success factors for both, apprenticeship and dual studies in Germany. For this purpose, criteria from the following five categories were analysed: care and involvement of the apprentices in the company, learning in the company, commitment of the company, chances of success of the trainees as well as innovative teaching methods.

There were 700 participating companies which ranged from DAX companies such as ‘Allianz’, to large public companies such as ‘Deutsche Bahn’, to medium-sized companies and handicraft businesses. baierl + demmelhuber was one of 154 companies with a result of five stars and is therefore qualified as one of ‘Germany’s Best Instructors’. Without a doubt, our performance is satisfying – this is a great confirmation for us but it is also a responsibility and an incentive for the future.

We are particularly pleased to see our strategy and our actions in the important area of professional training as positively confirmed. Above all, we owe this award to our committed trainers, to whom we would like to extend our special thanks.

For us it is important that we can remain an attractive employer even after the apprenticeship; to offer perspectives and opportunities for advancements. A well-grounded apprenticeship as a career stepping stone – many employees from the B+D team have already proven it successfully.

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